Beth and Angel Make Games

A pocket-sized poetry zine
An 8-page pocket-sized zine with a variety of holiday themed games to play.
Watch movies and play bingo with 10 different cards (+ a blank one)!
An 8-page pocket-sized self-reflection, journaling zine.
A solo-journaling game on a bookmark.
A bookmark says you can become a ninja...if you prove yourself
Steal a catchphrase from anything with words. It's yours now!
Make up long-winded stories and PAY ATTENTION! Yes, even you!
A bookmark game about pushing your luck with language
A push-your-luck roll-and-move game where players rapidly roll and save a dwindling number of dice per round.
Take along to gamify your daily walk. Search for items that will show you which direction to head!
A poem I wrote, made into a pocket-sized zine.
Four of our business card games, made into a pocket-sized zine.
Forage for mushrooms from the comfort of your home in this 8-page zine!
An 8-page TTRPG zine about creating artifacts from song titles
Rebel against a dystopian future by discovering the gloriousness of creative work
Tell of your adventures traveling through the Stargate
A writing prompt game about a UFO sighting.
Add drama, acting, sneakiness, and roleplaying to the Shopkeeper Showdown base game!
Battle for bags of gold via strategic selections and drafting in this 18-card game
Your newest excuse to roll a bunch of dice!
Make doing the dishes, waiting in line, or making toast sound like the BEST THING EVER!
Outspend your opponents and show off your massive amount of STUFF!
A Shifting Memory card game (Inspired by a song)
Recall your memories and the lessons you learned from Wonderland
Why nap when you can roll dice instead amirite?
A poetry-prompting adventure about traveling through a wormhole to find humanity a new place to live.
Grab your composure and a d6
Drink a coffee, roll a die, and see whether your day is improved or ruined!
A hand-written, hand-drawn memory game/dungeon crawler!
A 2-page party game about throwing parties! No cards required!
An RPG for anyone that wants to appreciate their life experiences in a different way
A TTRPG about building your community, remaining happy, & making the world a better place one wacky adventure at a time
Random(ized) acts of kindness you can do on Twitter!
A real-life/journaling roleplaying experience. Enchant the ordinary objects around you and unleash your potential!
An IRL/journaling experience about seeing your day-to-day life through someone else's eyes
Corral the herd of Wordle results and fit as many green and yellow cubes into your fields as you can!
A poetry-prompting game about being at sea that uses a standard deck of cards!
A solo or multiplayer story-swapping reminiscence
Roll a die and act out the wild effect of your drink!
A creative solo/party game about using the items you have around you to overcome life-threatening obstacles!