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On Poetic Tides charges you, oh brave (but perhaps not-so-wise) seafarer, with creating a poem fully from scratch using 20 cards from a standard deck, a pen, and some paper (or something else to write with/on). The game is meant to be played solo, but you can simply take turns flipping cards and writing your own poems with the shared prompts, then share them with one another after. Or heck, pass your poems back and forth and co-write them! Just like poetic license lets you use words as you see fit, you can use this game however you see fit.

Note: there's a new zine version of this game out now :D I think this version is superior to the others in both layout and content (the game is the same, but I think I rephrased things a little better there). If you happen to have the ink to print it, I highly recommend it. I'll do a low-ink black-and-white version in the future eventually but I have no idea when lol it's been busy these days 🤷‍♀️ 

I don't know the technicalities about copyrights and stuff, but please feel free to hack this game (as in, use the format here but change the theme, art, and prompts to make your own version). If you do, please let me know (you don't have to, it'd just make me happy!), and please feel free to upload it anywhere and charge what you want for it. While not required, please include community copies and/or a demo (as I did) for those who can't afford it, and please link to this version from whatever page you create for it. 

Upcoming fixes:

  • A low-ink black-and-white version of the four-page zine
CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorBeth and Angel Make Games
GenreCard Game
TagsPirates, poem, poetry, prompt, Sailing, writing


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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On Poetic Tides - Zine - Full-Color.pdf 14 MB
On Poetic Tides - Full Color Letter.pdf 3 MB
On Poetic Tides - Full Color A5.pdf 3 MB
On Poetic Tides - Black and White A5.pdf 3 MB
On Poetic Tides - Black and White Letter.pdf 3 MB

Printed, Mailed Zine

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(US Only) Mailed Copy of the four-page, full-color zine

We will mail a physical copy of the four-page, full-color zine to the address provided, anywhere in the United States. It is printed (with a standard hp printer) on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and hand-folded, so it won't be perfect by any means, but we'll do our best :D

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