On Poetic Tides is being streamed tonight!

I was tagged by @DorklordCanada the other day on Twitter who said he was going to stream On Poetic Tides tonight (Thursday the 8th at 8pm eastern) and I was just blown away! Someone will be playing the game live on stream, something I made! It still kinda blows my mind that people play the things I create, you know?

In honor of that, I've made it (and Angel's awesome sci-fi take on it, Light Years In An Instant) totally free through tomorrow evening. They're PWYW, and while you're free to skip that entirely if you'd like, 100% of the money raised (after Itch fees of course) will be going to Extra Life (to match what @DorklordCanada is doing with his stream). You can find the sale here --> https://itch.io/s/77271/dorklordcanada-brent-jans-is-gonna-stream-the-game

If you want to join the stream, it'll be right here --> https://www.twitch.tv/dorklordcanada

I'll be there in the text chat myself, and I'm excited to see how it goes :D

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