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Light years in an instant, that's how far you've come, traveler! No one knew if the theories were correct, but you are their last hope.  The Earth is on the brink of uninhabitability, and your team decided all their years of research, calculations, and to be frank, dreams and supposition, should land squarely on your shoulders.  So, through the wormhole you go, to see what's on the other side, not knowing if you have a way back or if there is even anything out "there"... 

Light Years In An Instant charges you, traveler, with creating a mission report (poem) fully from scratch using 20 cards from a standard deck, and something to write with/on. Pen/paper, keyboard/computer, your call. This is a solo game, but you can easily play with more than one person by simply taking turns flipping cards and writing your own poems with the shared prompts, then sharing them with one another after. Or pass your poems back and forth and co-write them! Just like poetic license lets you use words as you see fit, you can use this game however you see fit.

A Game By: Angelique Drummond

Note: This is a hack of On Poetic Tides: A Poetry-Prompting Adventure (by ✨Beth)

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Hi! I played your game on stream, so I thought I'd drop a link to the VOD in case you want to show people how it feels in play:

It was a great time; super glad to have had the opportunity!

Awesome! Thanks so much for streaming it and posting the video.  I really enjoyed seeing where the prompts led you.