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Happy National Waffle Day! 

Well, at least it is on the day I posted this! (August 24, 2023)

Waffle Time is a little game made to celebrate National Waffle Day. It's a simple little game where you roll a d6 and fill in a grid to prepare a waffle with tasty toppings.

I (Angel) ran the idea by Beth and we both played a couple times while I was working out the very basic mechanics of the game. While doing so Beth came up with a clever twist. After I was done making the zine she wrote up her rules and made an "Extra Messy Edition" in which I also encouraged her to change up the toppings list to some of her favorite waffle toppings to make it her own as well. So, you get two versions of the game!

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32 points in the extra messy edition! There's just that pesky bit of bacon in the middle that kinda ruins my perfect brunch. (But I'm craving waffles now...)

I love roll&writes! What a cute little one. Very simple domino-style puzzle, but the theme & the zine are super delightful! But, oh no, you made me want to make waffle-themed games as well!

Thanks for the treat!


Yay! Thanks for sharing. Yeah, I may have to make waffles for breakfast tomorrow. I got a free mini waffle maker for submitting the UPC for our pancake mix, a while back and I need to break it in! Roll & Writes are a favorite of Beth and mine too, though I think the only other one we have made so far is Save the Sangai, hopefully we will do more of them in the future.