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Have you ever felt inadequate? Like you can't do the amazing things that others can? Or maybe your child is sad they can't do something they really want to be good at? 

My name is Beth, and there's a lot I can't do too. I can't do cartwheels, I can't skate, and I can't play any musical instruments. But that's okay! We're all capable of learning new things, and maybe you'll try that new thing and realize you don't even like it. That's okay too!

Beth Can't Play Instruments, and That's Okay: A Color-Along Adventure is an 8-page zine on a single piece of paper. It tells the story of Beth (me!), who felt bad she couldn't play any musical instruments. She even learned one a little in school but forgot all of it... But then she realized that if she really wanted to, she could learn to play one! 

The entire booklet is in black and white, and each page has something to color in (aside from the last, which is for listing out goals). The fact that each page is so small in the booklet means that colored pencils or fine-tipped pens or markers are recommended, but if you'd prefer to use crayons (TOTALLY understandable for kiddos especially!), there's also a "Full-Size Page" version where each page is, well, full-size!

It would mean the world to me if you let me know that you read this and your honest thoughts about it. It started as a very silly prompt to make a coloring book zine about instruments I couldn't play (so each page would just be different instruments with text like "nope, I can't play that either!") but then it morphed into this 🧡 That prompt came from the Zine Idea Generator, which I highly recommend checking out :D

How Do I Fold It Though?

This video is a great example of how to fold an 8-page zine! 

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