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We took four of our business card games and made them into a zine! You'll find Have a Cuppa Joe, This is Fine, Take A Nap, and Drink Up! all folded up into a portable little 8-page booklet that is small enough to tuck into your pocket.  

Have a Cuppa Joe: Rather than actually drinking a coffee, rolling the dice on whether or not you'll regret your decision, why not just roll an actual die and find out? 

This is Fine:  Whenever you need a respite from your perfectly fine life, take a minute, grab your composure and a d6, and roll for the break you need.

Take A Nap: Why waste your time and (lack of) energy on a nap when you can spend a moment rolling a die and laughing about what'll happen instead? 

Drink Up! is a game where every drink is full of magic. Gather up your friends and drinks (water, soda, tea, whatever you want), roll a single six-sided die, choose one of the two options, and act it out.

Drink Up! can also be played solo via journaling or life experience! Feeling shy or nervous? Drink a Carefree potion and feel it melt away! Want some confidence? A Love potion that would normally make you instantly fall for someone else now makes you love yourself! 

How Do I Fold It Though?

This video is a great example of how to fold an 8-page zine! 

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Get this game and 69 more for $25.00 USD
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