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We took four of our business card games and made them into a zine! You'll find Have a Cuppa Joe, This is Fine, Take A Nap, and Drink Up! all folded up into a portable little 8-page booklet that is small enough to tuck into your pocket.  

Have a Cuppa Joe: Rather than actually drinking a coffee, rolling the dice on whether or not you'll regret your decision, why not just roll an actual die and find out? 

This is Fine:  Whenever you need a respite from your perfectly fine life, take a minute, grab your composure and a d6, and roll for the break you need.

Take A Nap: Why waste your time and (lack of) energy on a nap when you can spend a moment rolling a die and laughing about what'll happen instead? 

Drink Up! is a game where every drink is full of magic. Gather up your friends and drinks (water, soda, tea, whatever you want), roll a single six-sided die, choose one of the two options, and act it out.

Drink Up! can also be played solo via journaling or life experience! Feeling shy or nervous? Drink a Carefree potion and feel it melt away! Want some confidence? A Love potion that would normally make you instantly fall for someone else now makes you love yourself! 

How Do I Fold It Though?

This video is a great example of how to fold an 8-page zine! 

We're running our first Beth and Angel Make Games crowdfunding campaign in February! 

The campaign runs from January 31st through February, and you can:

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We're hyped for the event, and we'd love to have you along with us!

Check Out the Individual Games!

You can check out our other zines on this list, and if you don't feel like folding a zine you can find the business card versions below:

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Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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These community copies were provided by our Enlightened Egret patrons! A huge thanks to Dora Duvall, Rochelle B, Zedd 4 Rocker, Dwight McDowell, Nybluejeans, and Sarah Kiemel who each provided 5 community copies 🧡 

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We will mail a physical copy of this pocket-sized zine to the address provided.  (Anywhere in the United States). It is printed (with a standard hp printer) on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and hand-folded into an 8-page zine. 

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I grabbed a community copy since finances are very tight right now - thank you to those who made it available!

The games included are just adorable. They add fun variety to your day in little but significant ways, and now I'm inspired to make a couple of my own! The art design is also charming and suits the subjects. I love 'em :)

Aaaaawwwww well Joan, that's wonderful! We actually have community copies on many of our recent releases still, and we have a whole free games list too if you're interested --> https://itch.io/c/3435507/free

I'm so, so glad you like them, Joan! That makes our day to hear that :D 🧡 

- ✨Beth