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Books are great! Some are so great that they deserve to be read again and again.

That’s where New Book+ comes into play: this set of five bookmark games will spice up your rereading experience, allowing you to create one-of-a-kind stories from your favorite books.

All five bookmarks come on a single sheet of paper. After a couple of minutes of printing and cutting, you'll be all set to discover all sorts of new fun in the pages of your books.

Discover endless trinkets and treasures in My Precious!, a bookmark with several greedy hands on it. If any touch a noun, pick one:

  • If it's a person, steal from them.
  • If it's a place, explore it and take a "souvenir."
  • If it's a thing, take it. 

Will your endless greed change the story for the better or the worse? Does it even matter when you've got SO MUCH STUFF? 

Note: this game was inspired by Beam-a-Base Bookmark by Nerds Only, and would never have existed without their creation. It's super clever and it's currently free!

After getting a randomly chosen color and meaning, you'll read the book. Every time that color is mentioned, you'll journal about what that hidden meaning brings to the scene. Once the book is done, you'll reflect on what really happened in the book.

Ghosts are haunting your bookmark, and they're pointing into the book itself! When you lay the bookmark in the gutter between pages, if one of the ghosts is pointing at the area between paragraphs, they're showing you where a paragraph vanished! It's up to you to write the paragraph: it can be silly, descriptive, or shed light on something. The paragraph may have vanished for a good reason, after all...

These days In a post-apocalyptic world, no one reads. But you can help make a difference! Read the book and write very brief, rule-structured sentences summarizing what happens on each set of pages. Once you're done, you'll have a (maybe) useful Note of it!

That Note is probably still too long for anyone to read though, so you'll likely need to condense your Note at least a few times too. 

After getting a random, semi-common word (or choosing your own), you'll keep an eye out for it in the book. Whenever you come across it, you'll write the word that comes after it into your journal.

Whenever you get seven words, create a coded message out of them! Then, when the book ends, figure out what the author was trying to secretly share with the world.

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The campaign runs from January 31st through February, and you can:

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I love the concept of taking something familiar and with minimal modification fundamentally changing the way you interact or think/feel about it. Having finally gotten through House of Leaves for the first time recently, these bookmarks come at the right time for me to have similar fun with seemingly innocuous books ^^


Oh hurray, that's perfect timing! And WOW, I just looked into House of Leaves and it looks like a really intriguing book. I almost never devour horror content, but stuff like Alan Wake or this book are exceptions. I'm really interested in how the bookmarks might play out with such a deep book!

- ✨Beth