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Coming up with a cool catchphrase is tough, right? Like... Where do all of these characters get them? 

Do you want to save yourself loads of time and avoid paying a team of writers? Then let's do this the best way: stealing words and making them your own!

Nice Catchphrase! is a game of stealing a catchphrase from literally anything with words. Just know that the catchphrase you steal probably won't be the best, since you're nabbing it randomly and making that whole sentence work...

You win if someone else uses your catchphrase! You also win just for playing, so that's nice :D But you DOUBLE WIN if someone else uses the catchphrase. How many other games let you double win? You're welcome :D

To use the game, print off the single-page PDF and then cut out the three pairs of bookmarks. Fold the bookmark in half and boom! Double-sided bookmark! Shoutout to Angel for coming up with this idea :) OR we also added a double-sided version as well (6 bookmarks per page), just set them to print double-sided flipped along the long edge.

Upcoming changes include:

  1. Players will get the choice between a full sentence or a phrase from the sentence. Shoutout to Ghotib for the suggestion!

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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ok I must say this is a great use of black poetry kind of stuff

great job!


You guys are geniuses! My only tweak would be that sometimes a phrase from a sentence would make more sense to steal than the entire sentence. :) My phrase was "a qualified joint", part of a much longer sentence from information about a retirement annuity (no idea what it was even talking about, which makes it all the funnier).

Aaaaaawwwwww thank you so, so much for saying so! And ROFLMAO oh noooooooo!!! My original intent (didn't get a chance to playtest it yet though, clealry lol) was to end up with the most absurd sentences, like "and then he went to the store and bought some bread." 

I definitely love the idea of using a partial sentence, though, like a single phrase like that, as it allows for so much more flexibility and not being stuck with it for a whole day before trying again. So yeah, I'm gonna change that :D Thanks for the recommendation! 

And, in case you haven't double-won yet, your suggestion is awesome, really ✨A QUALIFIED JOINT!✨