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Do you notice when an author overuses a word? Or maybe when certain authors refuse to use certain words? What about right in the middle? Can you pick a word that'll be used 20 times —no more, no less— over a set number of pages? Go ahead, try the word "the" over a single page, or "she" over 10 pages. Maybe the word "beautiful" will be used a bunch in this chapter! There's only one way to find out...

If I Had a Nickel is a game about pushing your luck with language. You'll get one nickel (point) per time the word you chose is used over the number of pages you've chosen...but beware: if the word is used MORE than 20 times, you'll start crossing off those hard-earned nickels (losing the points in the process). However many nickels you've collected and NOT re-lost is how many points you'll end up with!

The game fits on a single-sided 2"x6" bookmark (2 inches wide, 6 inches tall), and six fit on a single printed page.

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This kind of thing is exactly why I love itch. It's a unique and interesting push-your-luck solo game that you play while reading a book. And it manages to catch the "push-your-luck" mechanic *really* well!

I love this bookmark game, and I think it's a great example of what makes itch great.


Oh my goodness, thank you so, so, so much for saying so!!! That means so much to me :D I'm so glad you enjoy it 🥳 

And I totally agree about Itch, it's such a magical place because it's so fostering of creativity. In a matter of hours, anyone can get anything up here, and people come up with such unique, interesting things. The fact that it's all PnP also means that there's (next to) no monetary investment for the creator and minimal investment from the buyer too :D