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Having a rough day? Know someone who is? Cheer everyone up with this collection of 9 lyrical games!

  • Gather up cool stuff (even if only you think it's cool) and give it to people!
  • Become whoever or whatever you want!
  • Dive into the rabbit hole and chase after your meandering thoughts
  • Become CONFIDENT!
  • Turn whatever you're doing into something that others can experience (or a goat!)
  • Convince yourself why you own something (or maybe convince yourself you don't need it anymore and give it away!)
  • Tell creators you love what they made!
  • Win literally any game ever (but make everyone else win too!)
  • Encourage others by being the example!

All nine of these games (you can see them to the right 😃) are the size of standard playing cards, and fit on a single sheet of paper, so you can print and give them away to anyone and everyone 🧡

Note: This collection was created for the 12-word RPG jam. Most of the games have a title, which doesn't count toward the total word count (like "To: Everyone, From: You!" and "You Win!" and "Be the Example"). We also included a link to our profile on each card which hopefully doesn't count or we have zero 12-word RPGs lol. Also, for the rules of the jam, lists (even with numbers) are not considered for word count, so yay!

A note about downloading

I originally intended to charge for this and stated that if we earned $50 during a special sale, we'd make it free forever. And that happened!!! 🥳 Y'all are so freaking incredible 🧡 I really, really appreciate it, and I'm delighted that this is now free!

While you can see all nine of the cards in the images on the right, the PDF you can download for free includes all nine cards on a single page! Cut em out, shuffle them up and enjoy them throughout your day, give them to other people who might feel better after using them, do what you want with em! 🥳

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This is such a great idea, I LOVE how fun the little games are designed and the ideas behind them. I will ABSOLUTELY have to try them out, it was already exciting just looking at them c:

(1 edit)

I'm so glad to hear it, thank you! 🧡 I hope they go well for you! I feel the same way about your Trans Burn Book, actually 🏳️‍⚧️ 

- ✨Beth


Be the exemple is perfect, we should all play to it everyday ♥

The 8 other games are also great to play a daily basis!


Thank you so much!!! It's the one I have the hardest time with, and the one I need the biggest reminder about myself :D It's based on one of Angel's favorite quotes ("I always wondered why someone doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I am somebody" -Lily Tomlin) + a stoic statement I'd heard recently about not expecting others to change, but embodying one's own self-growth can inspire others :D

- ✨Beth


I love them, too - especially Transmogrify. Everyone should do that on every day🥰But they are all so cute, inspiring & invigorating - Thank you so much, can't wait to see more of those!

I TOTALLY agree on Transmogrify! I was originally gonna make these as journal-esque "games" where I take what I learn in a day and make it into a little experience, but then time ran out lol. So we're definitely looking forward to making more of them in the future 🥳 

Thanks so much for your wonderful comment 🧡 



An amazing collection of games! I love how wholesome they are! Appraisal is my favourite!


Aaaawwwww thank you! It was lovely to have encouragement to get back to our wholesome, encouraging, self-love roots 🥳 And it's kind of a running joke that I'm anything but concise, so making a bunch of things with only 12 words was a fun challenge! And Angel did an amazing job bringing my words to life visually

- ✨Beth


Loved your submission to the Jam! My favourites were the "Easy Button" and "Be the Example". Thank you for sharing your work with us!

Thank you so much!!! We had a lot of fun making these, and it's the first time I've created in a while, so it was really awesome to have motivation and purpose for designing again! Plus, I have more ideas for later, too, which is exciting 🥳