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We all face all sorts of struggles in our lives, but what if we could lean on a little bit of hidden magic to help us through it?

Everyday Enchanter is here to help! Enchant your glasses with VIBRANCY to allow you to feel wide awake when you put them on, give your favorite shirt RESILIENCE to make physical and mental pain feel more manageable, and when things really get bad, snuggle up to your favorite GROUNDED-enchanted stuffed animal to regain a feeling of safety and control.

To make the enchantments stronger, simply focus on them in times of need! Reminding yourself that you've got help, even if it's just your favorite pen in your pocket, can help make the tough times a bit more bearable or give you that extra boost of confidence to try something new! And if you really want to strengthen the enchantments, journal about your experiences. When you write about how you really wanted to buy that candy bar at the grocery store checkout but clutched your STAND FIRM-enchanted keychain and resisted temptation, you'll embed that power deeper into your mind. One day you won't even need the enchantments anymore...but until then, they're here for you!

Just remember that there's no actual magic here, aside from the power of your own imagination! But hey, you've got this!

Purchasing the game grants access to files that include both black-and-white text versions without images and full-color versions, with an extra black-and-white A5-size version that still includes an image of a book! The sizes are:

  • A5 (with Letter-size coming January 2022)
  • Postcard (one-side only, to be completed January 2022)
  • Business Card (I need to touch this up a bit, also in January 2022)

Not in the actual file, but included nonetheless, is my sincerest appreciation 😀 That goes for whether you purchase the game for yourself, for a friend or loved one, tell someone about it, or pick up a community copy! 

Note: there are demo versions of the A5-size files. They include the same font and text of the purchased version, they're merely missing the background art and additional sizes. If that's all you want, then enjoy! If you're willing and able, support via purchase is greatly appreciated and will encourage me to make even more games, but it's certainly not necessary 🙂


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this adventure you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Everyday Enchanter - A5 Full Color Images.zip 6 MB
Everyday Enchanter - A5 Full Color.pdf 1 MB
Everyday Enchanter - A5 Black and White Images.zip 2 MB
Everyday Enchanter - A5 Black and White.pdf 90 kB
Everyday Enchanter - 5x7 Postcard Color.pdf 4 MB
Everyday Enchanter - 5x7 Postcard Black and White.pdf 45 kB
Text Files.zip 2 MB
Everyday Enchanter - A5 Text Images.zip 2 MB
Everyday Enchanter - A5 Text.pdf 79 kB
Everyday Enchanter - Business Card Black and White Images.zip 399 kB
Everyday Enchanter - Business Card Black and White.pdf 48 kB
Everyday Enchanter - Business Card Color Images.zip 2 MB
Everyday Enchanter - Business Card Color.pdf 1 MB

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