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We face all sorts of struggles in our lives, but what if we could lean on a little bit of magic to help us through it?

Everyday Enchanter is here to help! Enchant your glasses with VIBRANCY to allow you to feel wide awake when you put them on, give your favorite shirt RESILIENCE to make physical and mental pain feel more manageable, and when things really get bad, snuggle up to your favorite GROUNDED-enchanted stuffed animal to regain a feeling of safety and control.

To make the enchantments stronger, simply focus on them in times of need! Reminding yourself that you've got help, even if it's just your favorite pen in your pocket, can help make the tough times a bit more bearable or give you that extra boost of confidence to try something new! And if you really want to strengthen the enchantments, journal about your experiences. When you write about how you really wanted to buy that candy bar at the grocery store checkout but clutched your STAND FIRM-enchanted keychain and resisted temptation, you'll embed that power deeper into your mind. One day you won't even need the enchantments anymore...but until then, they're here for you!

Just remember that there's no actual magic here, aside from the power of your own imagination! But hey, you've got this!

You'll receive both of these versions when you get the game:

  • Full-Page: This is a single page (front and back) with further examples of journaling. It comes in A5 or letter sizes, each of which is a single six-page PDF: the first two pages are the full-color version, the next two are the black and white version, and the final two are a plain text version
  • Business Card: This is a single business card (front and back) that comes in two versions: the image files themselves are included, and there's also a six-page (letter-sized) PDF that includes two separate pages for fronts and backs, then another "mixed" version where you can fold the card instead. This PDF has the cards in both full-color and black-and-white forms.

[Added Feb 16, 2024] AND NOW, thanks to Gabriel Barraza, there's now a SPANISH TRANSLATION of Everyday Enchanter. Gabriel translated all three types of files for the Full-Page version into Spanish after discovering the game, and was a DELIGHT to work with. If you're looking for a Spanish translation of your game(s), reach out to Gabriel on Twitter or write to me (CataclysmicKnight@gmail.com) and I can pass your info along :D I highly recommend Gabriel! 

Not in the actual file, but included nonetheless, is my sincerest appreciation 😀 That goes for whether you purchase the game for yourself, for a friend or loved one, tell someone about it, or pick up a community copy! 

We're running our first Beth and Angel Make Games crowdfunding campaign in February! 

The campaign runs from January 31st through February, and you can:

  • Challenge us to make zines of your choosing
  • Buy bundles of our already-released zines
  • And even unlock your choice of Designer's Notes for our zines!

We're hyped for the event, and we'd love to have you along with us!

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This sounds like the cozy kinda game the entire Collective can enjoy together~ Might I request a Community Copy?

Awesome! And no worries at all, I just added 15 :D

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Thanks so much!!

You're so welcome, thanks for asking! :D

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Could I request a community copy? 

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I've added 5 community copies so that you can get one.


Thank you so much!

You're very welcome :D

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