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About the game

It's the year 21XX. The Great Cataclysm nearly happened but was averted. The origin of what saved us all leads back many years into the past, to a single person. What they did that led to our survival is currently unknown.

You've been tasked with going through everything they've ever done to discover two things:

  • What did they do that led to this most excellent moment? Did they inspire someone? Create something spectacular? Cause seemingly infinite ripples of change with a single kindness?
  • How can we replicate that in the future, so that the world can be an even better place?

How to play

Find literally any papers that you've ever written on or printed and write notes in the empty spaces from the perspective of this future researcher, studying how this seemingly ordinary, unimportant piece of paper could've led to awesomeness in the future. Small changes matter! Protecting your own mental, emotional, and physical health means you can do more good later, and every small kindness you do could lead to infinite positive changes 100+ years in the future!

Make sure you're positive and uplifting in your notes, you're a fan of yourself!

Inspired by...

The Most Excellent Notes is inspired by Matilda Marshall's awesome Between the Margins, which I highly recommend getting a copy of :D It's PWYW, or at least it is as I write this 🥳

And it was created for the Tiny Keepsake Jam!

A note about downloading

I originally intended to charge $1 for this and stated that if we ever earned $20 from it, we'd make it free forever. And that happened!!! 🥳 Y'all are so freaking incredible 🧡 

While you can see the entire game in the image on the right, and all of the text is above, the PDF you'll get if you download it includes six bookmarks on a single page! Cut em out, use em to remember where you are in a notebook or journal, give em away, do what you want with em 🥳

Did you know we have a Patreon? 

You can read more about The Most Excellent Notes there.

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such a cool idea!

Thank you :D

- ✨Beth


What a beautiful micro game! I love this idea of revisiting your past writings and finding positive things to say and do some fun world-building at the same time!


Aawwww well thank you!!! I've definitely got to recommend the game that inspired this one too: Between the Margins. Matilda created one where you take on the role of a character and write little notes from their perspective as if they're trying to call out to whoever :D 



Yes! I saw that in the game page and already checked it out. It's amazing!


Well! I am very touched. Thank you so much for the mention and I've had a little try of this microgame. What crisis I averted is not yet clear... but it was a fun way of recontextualising some scrappy notes in an "everything" journal from a couple of years ago. ^-^ I can see this being a good game to use when doing revision. :D

OMG I was gonna reach out to you later (I got behind on my to-do list today lol) to let you know I was inspired by your game and you beat me to it, that's so awesome! 🧡🥳 You're so welcome, and thank YOU for your comment and for trying it out :D That means a lot to me 🙌 And here's hoping you figure out how you saved the world someday. You've already inspired, at minimum, two people since we created this :D


Thank you so much! 🧡