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Welcome to chez gamedev! Customers will bring in requests for a game, and you must make them a good game. NOT a great game. Please don't ruin our civilization by making a game that's so good people get addicted to it. Tyvm.

And remember: as a short-order cook, your job is to make stuff FAST! Quantity is far more important than quality. Don't be afraid to try something new even if it doesn't work out.

Note: the entire game is in the images on the right, but the game is free to download in PDF form too. It's just the 4-page zine that costs $1 :D

The Hyper 1 HOUR Game Jam

This game was created for Hyper 1 HOUR Game Jam #44 (Good Cookin'), which means I literally made it in an hour! WHEW! I highly encourage you to check the jams out 🧡 They're every Friday at 6 pm Eastern, and Lýz livestreams them, including the theme reveal and playing entries after. She's super fun and encouraging and awesome!

And Angel made a game for this jam too!

And Ty Barbary made a game-prompting game based on this too! You should definitely check it out!

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You can check out our other Hyper 1 HOUR Creations (and games inspired by the jam) here, along with some of my favorites below:

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AuthorBeth and Angel Make Games
Tagsgamedev, make-a-game, prompts, solo, Solo RPG, writing


Get this game and 61 more for $0.00 USD
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