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After being dared to spend a night in the Winchester Mystery House, you woke with a piece of paper in your hand stating that the next time you wrote would be your last. 

That's absurd, though, and clearly your friends messing with you! So you immediately started writing when you realized the curse was real: if you stop writing within the next 5 minutes, you'll die and what you wrote will be lost forever.

If you survive, the curse means each subsequent time will require you to write for even longer... Sarah Winchester will get you eventually!

The Hyper 1 HOUR Game Jam

This game was created for Hyper 1 HOUR Game Jam #39 (Keep Movin'), which means I literally made it in an hour! WHEW! I highly encourage you to check the jams out 🧡 They're every Friday at 6 pm Eastern, and Lýz livestreams them, including the theme reveal and playing entries after. She's super fun and encouraging and awesome!

You can watch Lýz talk about it and play it in the video to the right, it starts right before she gets into the game.

And Angel made a game for this jam too!

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You can check out our other Hyper 1 HOUR Creations (and games inspired by the jam) here, along with some of my favorites below:


Get this curse and 61 more for $0.00 USD
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This looks amazing!! i can't wait to play it!!!

Aaaawwwwww thank you so much for saying so :D I really love the hyper 1 hour game jams, they're a blast! Sometimes inspiration hits and it's especially awesome 🥳