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I totally get it. Wordle is an awesome game! But those results shapes are so awesome, and they're just begging to be used somewhere else...

That's where Herdle comes in! Now you'll get to corral all of those wild results shapes into your own personal fields, scoring points for each row and column you can fill, and scoring even MORE for each cow (yellow square) you enclose within fences (green squares).

The single PDF includes four pages of rules, one page of four fields (play sheets) and one page of nine card-sized cutouts that you can fill in with your own results, friends' results, or just fun shapes you come across online!

Note: While the game is complete, it's not playtested yet. I also really wanna get a list of results for solo players (as in, if you earn [x] points you're the greatest farmer ever, etc) and a few pages of already-filled-in results cards for people who don't wanna peruse Twitter for results. I also still need to make the printer-friendly edition (for now you can just read the rules on the screen —they're simple anyway!— and print the score sheets in black and white if needed). As such, the game will be on sale for 99 cents until I get all of these things done! I'll make sure to send out an update when it's all complete, and then you can grab the updated files :D

Planned updates still remaining:

  • Further playtesting! 
  • Creating a low-ink version of everything
  • Creating a printable deck of cards that can be printed and used to play the game AND/OR a results table that uses a standard deck of cards


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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