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What if that drink beside you is a magical potion that has a strong effect on what you're doing?

Drink Up! is a game where every drink is full of magic. Gather up your friends and drinks (water, soda, tea, whatever you want), roll a single six-sided die, choose one of the two options, and act it out. Perhaps you've suddenly remembered you're three raccoons in a trench coat, or you're forced to tell the truth regardless of the circumstances, or you're the lead in a musical and have to sing or dance whenever you speak. Whatever the potion does to you, you'll have to continue acting it out carefully...because if anyone can guess what you drank, you're out of the game. Whoever's left standing at the end of the game wins! 

Drink Up! can also be played solo via journaling or life experience! Feeling shy or nervous? Drink a Carefree potion and feel it melt away! Want some confidence? A Love potion that would normally make you instantly fall for someone else now makes you love yourself! 

Not in the actual file, but included nonetheless, is my sincerest appreciation :D

Note: Angelique and I did a big remodel on this game and we're proud of how it looks! We also plan to make a single-page version of the game as well 😁

Drink Up! is a game by ✨Beth Jackson


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Wow, love the new layout! My partner's son and I play this all the time. It's so easy to play again and again, and good fun each time!