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such a cool idea!

Thank you :D

- ✨Beth


What a beautiful micro game! I love this idea of revisiting your past writings and finding positive things to say and do some fun world-building at the same time!


Aawwww well thank you!!! I've definitely got to recommend the game that inspired this one too: Between the Margins. Matilda created one where you take on the role of a character and write little notes from their perspective as if they're trying to call out to whoever :D


Yes! I saw that in the game page and already checked it out. It's amazing!


Well! I am very touched. Thank you so much for the mention and I've had a little try of this microgame. What crisis I averted is not yet clear... but it was a fun way of recontextualising some scrappy notes in an "everything" journal from a couple of years ago. ^-^ I can see this being a good game to use when doing revision. :D

OMG I was gonna reach out to you later (I got behind on my to-do list today lol) to let you know I was inspired by your game and you beat me to it, that's so awesome! 🧡🥳 You're so welcome, and thank YOU for your comment and for trying it out :D That means a lot to me 🙌 And here's hoping you figure out how you saved the world someday. You've already inspired, at minimum, two people since we created this :D


Thank you so much! 🧡