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3+ players

To print:

  • 54 cards (one single deck)

You'll also need:

  • A stopwatch or way to count down 30/60-second periods of time

I'm Doing the Thing! is a party game where players duel over why their ordinary, everyday task is actually the best, most exciting thing ever. Duels are set up based on the numbers on the cards, so no one has to choose a duel partner or duel the person beside them each time. 

Rules are provided for playing a tournament or a total number of rounds.

Designer's note:

I'm Doing the Thing is based on Lonely Island's song "I'm On a Boat,"  and was made for the 🎶Bethie's Extraordinary Playlist 🎶 jam. The game also seeks to show players how even the things they do on a regular basis can be awesome with the right perspective :D

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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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I'm writing COMMENTS! You had no COMMENTS! So here's a COMMENT!

Hats off for the idea. I had thoughts zipping through my head just looking at the sample cards.

One question, though: how does the game hold up over extended play? If someone were to get the same card three times in one evening, as an example.

Enjoy your COMMENT!


OMG LOL I love this comment and also the exuberance with which you delivered it 🤣 

That's a good question, and maybe it should have an official comment of some sort in the rules, but if it were to happen to me I'd try to play off of the fact that I drew the card so many times lol. Like... "Oh look, plunging the toilet is SO FUN that I'm doing it a THIRD TIME!" or "Well, Alice tried to tell you why taking out the trash is so great, but she didn't even take it all out so obviously she didn't love it too much. I sure do though, so let me ACTUALLY tell you why it's so great!"

And hopefully someone will point that out, too, like "didn't you JUST say four rounds ago that you hate taking out the trash? Now it's the best thing ever?"